Tuesday, September 29, 2015


“Great men are not born great,they grow great ...” ― Mario Puzo,Author,The Godfather

It's so great to bring back the #RiseToGreatness "talk show" which I share at the same hashtag,by 8am every Monday.

Please find the few tweets shared last Monday from my timeline;you can also follow me on Twitter at @emmandus

Emmanuel Ayeni ‏@Emmandus Sep 28
1. Everyone, everywhere has in him the precious and incorruptible seeds of greatness #RiseToGreatness
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2.This seed of greatness if well nurtured under the right conditions and circumstance will eventually grow. #RiseToGreatness

3. It's not just in some of us, rather it is in every one us #RiseToGreatness

4. The Deep always call to the deep so also; Greatness begets greatness #RiseToGreatness

5. Great lives are products of great thoughts, great associations and great acts. #RiseToGreatness

6. And all these proceed from a great mind. #RiseToGreatness

7. The mind is the starting point for all true greatness. #RiseToGreatness

8. True greatness consists in believing passionately in your own greatness and in the greatness of others #RiseToGreatness

9. The seeds of greatness like every other seed mustn't just be cultivated but must be consistently nurtured. Every day. #RiseToGreatness

10.This entails amongst others; doing common things in uncommonly great ways& associating with people who believe in you... #RiseToGreatness

Emmanuel Ayeni ‏@Emmandus Sep 28
11. Finally, on today's edition of #RiseToGreatness: “Great men are not born great,they grow great ...” ― Mario Puzo,Author,The Godfather

Greatness is within Reach!

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