Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I shared something lovely on my Facebook page on Sunday, Please enjoy the post below :

When I began to awake to the consciousness of going to church as a child, for some part of that time growing up with my grandparents in Ibadan, Oyo state in Nigeria.
My grandma would ask me “what did you learn in church today?" every Sunday.
I enjoyed the Sunday service majorly because I had been spending most of the time running around the church block with some other kids then.
So each time my grandma asked this question, I had a default answer that never changed every Sunday.... Children ehn!
Every Sunday I had my default answer
In Yoruba "...won ko wa k'ama p'aro, k'ama j'ale" https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v9/f4c/1/16/1f642.png:)
“Church was great today, they taught us not to steal and not to tell lies"
Of course, that changed after I learnt to read, and had more Bible understanding...
Today was a great day in Church
It was a Young Adult Sunday and an array of programs including songs, word and drama sessions.
We bless God for taking all the glory.
The theme was "Excelling in God's Time table..." and my take away were:
* God is a God of time and Season, He created time and does everything for a reason in a season
* God has His time-table and agenda
* His Plans for us are great plans
* Do not run ahead of God
* God's Spirit through the Word of God will give you access into His sense of time and purpose for you.
Did you attend church online or offline?
What did you learn in church today (on Sunday)?


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