Thursday, July 6, 2017

You are Already a Success !

You are already a Success !
One of the key practices that enhances the psychology of champions is self talk and visioning
High achievers don't only talk right (power-talk) or engage in healthy affirmations but we also deliberately envision success by reminding ourselves of past victories, success and replicating it.
You have succeeded in the past, you have won in the past, you have made great deals and decisions in the past. You are already a success.
What you need to do right now is relive and replicate those moments.
Choose your memories; relive the "Moments of Greatness" in your life.
Remember the interviews and exams at which you excelled, the great sales you closed, successful projects you initiated and completed, remember lots of money you made or had entrusted into your hands, remember the lives you touch in positive ways.
Feel those moments and experiences, let your self-talk proceed from them and bring that consciousness to your day's task, plans and goals.
Act from the place of power!
Take God's power and gifts in you to the centre of your life's work where the need is greatest.
Take it everywhere!
I celebrate your greatness always!
Emmanuel Ayeni

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