Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Update On My New EBook And The 100 Days Of Value Challenge...

Update On My New EBook And The 100 Days Of Value Challenge...

I am still new to this app or the challenge itself but I plan to raise my writing game to generate more value and profit through writing and speaking ,the discovery of this site will help me meet many goals from writing, blogging to personal development and EBook creation.

I have put myself in a situation to write and produce a new E-book in a very short time, the goal was actually in 24 hours but It's taking longer than that, now I see that creating an EBook from the scratch actually has some other smaller but very important details.

I have therefore gone online to search for helpful tips that would fast-track the EBook creation, distribution and off course, eventual sales and profit making, while that in itself was great work to be done, this book was planned to be released on Tuesday but this might take me a couple of more days, here is an update and my sincere apologies to every prospective reader, consumer or customers of my new EBook.

In my search for these aids, I have stumbled on information of all sorts that can help me in making the book release happen successfully and on time. I have gone on and on reading till I got information upon information till I discovered one tool after another, then Gosh! the 750 words challenge website that gives a daily challenge of writing 750 words per day.

The idea of the website is to encourage people write 'private, unfiltered, spontaneous' but in a daily manner. How best to learn to write than to write and how best to make a habit of any act than to engage in it daily.

Writing these numbers of words daily will really help grow my writing, growth is not always easy, usually It will come at a price but the gains are usually immense.
Following these through will also help push the limits on my blogging and help draw out more value I intend to share in my ongoing 100 Days of Value.

The 100 Days of value happening on Facebook and all my social media platforms is strategic to many goals I am working on in the second half of this year. The challenge began on the 15th of August, 2017 with the very aim of sharing a lot of value with everyone in my space through articles, my blog, Facebook posts, video and along the line returning my podcasts with a more sustainable strategy .

Within these 100 days (now on day 9), I intend to do more of EBook creation while transforming my blog and the way I run it. I have run my blog for over 5 years, beginning from the latter part of my University days, but now I am taking it to the next level where I run it as a business. It has to be run now as a business with all professionalism; my email marketing which is key to all of these is being finalized this week. My blogging platform blogger has served me and I have had an attachment to it over the years, but this relationship might come to an end soon.
I have long contemplated a migration to WordPress and I am ready to explore the unlimited power of blogging on the new platform right now.

I am more of a Speaker than a Writer, but the truth is that while I love writing, I hardly write 750 words most times, I have only written 750 or more words when I am highly Inspired or when i write along some topics of interest or certain circumstances. However, I have learnt that great writers have learnt to write to be inspired rather than wait to be inspired to write! More so, most great Speakers also write great speeches. These mini-challenges within the 100 day challenge will help me work on creating a habit around this.

I am not anywhere close to my Book creation target for the year but I am set to channel the energy in this 100 Day Challenge towards it. The Idea behind the challenge is Growth, in all respects. For my next EBook and a couple of new EBooks that will be released in a frequent order in the next couple of months, I already have most manuscripts ready and fresh contents are also being created along side. I am also leveraging on all past and current contents from all my platforms.

More central to this is the system around it all which is also being created. While the aim is delivering best value, yet I am ready to get it done, perfect and refine it as we go along.

Emmanuel Ayeni

Inspirational Speaker

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