Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Lady I Wooed on the Bus...

It was a particular morning sometimes last week and I had hopped on a long bus heading towards Lagos Island probably for work, business or for whatever the need was. I got my ticket and I was comfortably seated and no sooner than I sat did I have a pretty lady come sit down on the second chair beside me.
I had just sat down to continue to reading a book and then went on to catch up with emails and numerous notifications from Facebook or WhatsApp. I was drawn into what I was doing and did not even look to my side to engage my bus partner like I usually do. While on-board public buses- especially the long BRT buses, more often than not, I try to engage or chat up the person sitting beside me. This could be a bad or good habit and the experience may vary depending on the nature of the people, but I always like to say an 'hi' no matter what.

I love reading while commuting, it's a luxury you get moving around when not driving but while driving, the experience of listening to audio books is also a time saver- an education behind the wheels, depending on what you listen to.
When I am on Public buses, I do a greeting or a chat with the person beside me if it's necessary , then I will settle down to look around and pore over some pages of a good book as we move along. Once in a while I will sit beside a man or woman who will engage me further than I intended depending on the topic of discussion, some will decry the state of the economy or the weather or what-not or what needs to be and I will air my views with no arguments... some arguments usually are unfruitful, leading really to no fruitful ends.
Now, back to the day and time on the bus with this pretty lady beside me because this is about her, it is her story ...
It is the story of the lady, I had 'wooed' or talked into considering taking her art work to the next level while sitting with me on the bus.
I looked beside me away from the book and she was scrolling through her phone, then I continued reading and enjoying Stepping into Greatness by Francis Wale Oke, a very great book. As the bus moved on and the bouts of breeze began to flow in, I began to notice some activities going on beside, I settled down and enjoyed the story... I mean the lessons or teachings from the book...  This time I had to look at my 'neighbor' to know what was really going on...I saw this bright green colored paper craft she held in her hands, she had brought out a tube of white glue from her leather bag and began to fix some shining stones on the well-designed crown craft, at that point I decided to engage her in a short chat, while appreciating her creativity, I got to know about her works in crafts and the business she has around it, I listened until I popped up the question to which she gave an answer that left me dazed!

I asked this lady the question...'How Do you use social media to showcase your arts and crafts'? Then she replied 'I am not a social media person '. I paused to digest or understand her answer carefully. She elicits from her answer a form of seriousness and sense of principle that leaves no time whatsoever for such ‘frivolities’ as being on social media. I was stunned by this response...'Who does that in this age?' I thought to myself.

I actually know a couple of lovely people who will never be caught dead on social media but most of them are not millennial and some even make use of social media as a 'spying or close monitoring tool' yet, they are 'not social media persons'.
I smiled and asked this lady 'Why?' she wasn't going to consider the leverage of social media, she replied, telling me she gets her job mostly through referrals or once in a while from a friend who helped her put something on Instagram sometimes ago. She proved strongly that what if there were no such things as social media platforms, would she not go ahead and do her thing?
Now the bus had almost gotten to her bus top but I did manage to push in a point with an analogy...
I asked If she ran a successful business but she could use some help and here am I as a friend holding to her a cheque for a millionaire dollars to her with no strings attached would she take it from me or just shooed me away without collecting it?
She replied in the affirmative. Then I explained to her the new world that awaits her if she could use the free leverage of social media and stop leaving lots of money on the table.
I went on to share few tips and share some paid solution plan with her to help take her business to the next level.
How does this relate to you?
Are you leaving money on the table or are you ready to take hold of my proverbial 1 million dollar cheque in an online paid class? Comment 'Yes' if this applies to you.

Keep rising to greatness

By Emmanuel Ayeni

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