Sunday, April 19, 2020

The Holy spirit will Give You a Song...

The Holy spirit will Give You a Song...

Thank you Holy spirit, Thank You,

Thank you Holy spirit, Thank you

Thank you,

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you Holyspirit, Thank You


The Holy Spirit can give you a new song everyday you enter in His presence..

Anytime we make out time to stay in his presence, he gives us a new song.

This was one of the profound truth I learnt from man of God, Dr Mike Murdock some years ago, He has always shared how the HolySpirit has given him ideas, tons of songs with many recorded into albums.

He recommends staying in the 'Secret Place' first part of the day for just 7 minutes and observing the 'Protocols of the Secret Place "

Holy Spirit has given me songs too each time I Stay in the secret place, I may not have written a 100 yet but he has given me a number of written songs, ideas, concepts and insights.

He has given me blog posts over the years, how did I write over 350+ posts?

The Holy spirit will give you business ideas, he can give you the right words as a speaker.

I tell him to anoint me afresh when I am to do any training or speaking, it's not just business for me, it is ministry, my assignment.

This way I move by adequate preparation and His inspiration

He gives me a word in season.

There are many people today who consciously draw from Him daily

How did Solomon write over 3000 songs and proverbs?

He got it all from the HolySpirit

The HolySpirit is a person and not a thing.. He is the Spirit of God.

He is the Spirit of Wisdom

He is the spirit of Counsel and Might

He loves songs, Joy is a protocol of His presence.

Cultivate and Nurture alliance with Him.

Keep Rising To Greatness,

Emmanuel O. Ayeni


Emmanuel Ayeni is Nigeria's number one book reviewer and Africa's number one gratitude coach,an Engineer,a Google Certified Digital Skills Trainer, an Inspirational Speaker, He is a world class trainer on personal and financial mastery to people and organizations.

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