Wednesday, April 15, 2020

💥✍Why Now is a Great Time to Start Your Blog..

💥✍Why Now is a Great Time to Start Your Blog..

Last week, I received a mail from Google Adsense Program to all Adsense Publishers.

It was a warm write up sharing how Google understood the current demand on their infrastructure, the need for improved and expanded capacity on all fronts, which they had long envisaged and made plans for these and should there be emergencies or any incidences they already have plans to manage that with little to no outage time.

They shared some warm thoughts to everyone during this ongoing pandemic and it sure makes anyone reading to feel like a part of the family.

Adsense continues to pay billions of dollars in revenue annually to publishers.

I know not many bloggers preach Adsense any more because it's quite work to make money through it, than many online opportunities today. Especially, if you are solely in it for the money without enough passion before your blog grows and soon enough before your first cheque ever shows up (now it's the world of bank transfers).

I must say by experience some adsense earnings can come in at the most interesting times.

I got into Google Adsense in the University when I decided to start my blog on blogpost as a hobby or most importantly as a platform to showcase my Personal Development articles before Saturday Punch went on to later publish 10 of those articles over time.

My main personal blog has gone through and is currently going through different evolution now and in many years to come, it has been majorly an expression of my work, my inspirational journey and an archive of all inspired thoughts, book reviews and actionable business strategies.

If you are a writer or content creator, this window of time is actually one of the best times to create your own blog.

A "web log" or blog serves myriad of great roles, right from showcasing your business or expertise, to promoting and archiving your content.

A blog can also serve as a platform to boost your influence, credibility and authority online, with that comes many avenues to also monetize beyond adsense.

A blog will also ensure if any social media platform disappears your content is preserved.
Like I shared in my book, Write To Earn, a blog can be the a good source of content for your book or other forms of content.

The interesting thing is while there are many parts to blogging, anyone can start almost a free blog today depending on peculiar goals and budget.

There are many articles, posts,YouTube videos and online courses to guide anyone along this paths, many of which can be gotten for free or a great fee.

However, for anyone who choose to pick my brain on how to start a free blog and apply for Google Adsense account in 7days or less or anything beyond the scope of the post I will be available on WhatsApp to pick my brain on this at a good discount of just N5000 instead of the usual N10,000 for the first 10 people.

Simply click the link (Since there is a cap on how many people I can personally guide on this, this service is not free but I have made it affordable to everyone for just N5000 only )

Keep Rising to Greatness,

I am Emmanuel Ayeni



Keep Rising To Greatness,

Emmanuel O. Ayeni


Emmanuel Ayeni is Nigeria's number one book reviewer and Africa's number one gratitude coach,an Engineer,a Google Certified Digital Skills Trainer, an Inspirational Speaker, He is a world class trainer on personal and financial mastery to people and organizations.

He helps People end their money worries and achieve financial freedom through his Monthly Personal and Financial online Coaching and training.

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