Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Master The Art Of Self Confidence... 1

Whether in business, career or in social circles, we all need to master the art of Self Confidence and eliminate all forms of fear from our lives.
While contributing to a discussion on handling stage fright as Speakers, I gave some great contributions I will like to share with you freely.
I see stage fright as normal. I have seen back stage videos of world-class Speakers get nervous and still pumped themselves up before the talk.
So personally to deal with stage fright or any form of fear as a Master of Ceremonies, Conference or Seminar Speaker these are some of the techniques I engage
1. I prepare-because Knowledge breeds confidence
2. I dress well, this boosts my confidence too.
3. I arrive on time to avoid any rush or undue pressure so as to have time to connect with people and my environment.
4. Throughout these, I put myself in a place of Personal Power and positive energy by speaking faith filled words or affirmations these are some
* I am one with God, God is in me and I am an expression of God's grace, glory and greatness
* I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (I can say this close to 100 timesπŸ˜€)
5. I visualise the Success of the event already and I practice deep-breathing.
I hope these self-confidence "mojo" helps someone on stage, before a presentation, behind the wheels or anywhere!
Please share with us( so we all can learn) how you handle stage fright or any form of fear..
Emmanuel Ayeni, CC
Life and Financial Mastery Coach
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